Sightseeing bus tour in Moscow: Churches and manors, streets and avenues, medieval architecture and modern buildings - all this you can see with your own eyes, as well as learn interesting details of the history of outstanding and memorable places of the Russian capital. Visit the main attractions of the ancient capital: Red Square, Alexander Garden, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Mausoleum of Lenin.

Excursion to the Yuri Gagarin Youth Education Astronaut Training Center "Kosmotsentr". During the tour you can see a set of models of the orbital space station "Mir". If you wish to You can undergo training on aircraft and helicopter simulators "Virtual transport spacecraft" and also learn to operate spaceship on the Soyuz-TMA simulator (additional options not included).

Visit VDNKh, an excursion to the Museum of Cosmonautics. There you will learn about the evidences of the success and achievements of Russian cosmonautics: the first space suits, the first artificial earth satellite (sputnik), spacecraft to study the Moon and the other planets of the Solar System.

Excursion to the "Patriot Park." In the park you can visit the largest tank museum in the world. Its collection includes more than 350 units of armored vehicles from 14 countries around the world; more than 60 of them exist in a single copy. The unique complex "Partisan settlement" museum exhibits and historic interiors combined with modern technologies allow visitors to immerse themselves in the everyday life, underground fighters, operating deep behind enemy lines.

Victory Park is the biggest memorial complex in Russia dedicated to the Great Victory in World War II. Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War and Poklonnaya Hill’s memorial complex.

Tour to the "Kolomenskoye" Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve. The first written mention of this place dates back to 1336 year. Ancestral lands of knyaz Ivana Kalita. Later in Kolomenskoye lived Ivan the Terrible, and Catherine II, Alexander I and other Russian tsars and emperors.

Excursion to the Cold War Museum "Bunker-42". It is an antinuclear shelter which was build for the first persons of the USSR. This museum is located underground at a depth of 65 meters. Bunker-42 has been fully equipped with everything necessary to comfortably survive nuclear attack. Provision supplies, fuel, regeneration and air purification system, drinking water supply could provide combat and duty personnel for several months.

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