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Tourism operator Russian Souvenir is a developing company which was created by professionals of industry in order to extend inbound tourism to Russia.


Our team would like to offer you both traditional and exclusive tours in the market of inbound tourism, which include sightseeing programs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Velikiy Novgorod, Tula, Kaliningrad, Karelia, Murmansk, Siberia, Crimea, Belarus – on the basis of the requirements of high quality and meeting the needs of tourists from worldwide. Our goal is to expand the combined tourist routes across Russia for foreign tourists, organize events of various levels, including cultural exchange between Russia and other countries.

Our Tours

Moscow & Saint-Petersburg

Get to know Russia! This tour will be a welcome surprise both for those who have already visit Russia and those who have only planning to get acquainted with this beautiful country. There is no doubt you will enjoy the wealth of culture and history of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Moscow & Kaliningrad

Come and see the most western region of Russia where you will learn its middle-aged history and culture and even far more - discover the lands of Vikings and unveil the mysteries of amber.

Moscow Veliky Novgorod Saint-Petersburg

Discover northern lands of ancient Russia - Veliky Novgorod. In old times, Novgorod was a city-state and a commercial center with its own unique culture of wooden and white-stone architecture.

Moscow - Sochi

Visit pride of Russia - the capital of 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi! Comfortable and fashionable mountain ski resorts, Olympic Park and Sochi's best attractions.


We invite you to Crimea, the land of winemaking and old imperial palaces, visit southern lush hillsides by the Black Sea with us.


Take part in a journey into the history of the conquest of the Space, Visit Gagarin Research and Test Training Center, Museum of Cosmonautics and many other places.

Our tourists say


Crystal Wang

We were so pleased by Russian hospitality and our tourists had opportunity to discover amazing nature of Karelia – thanks to Russian Souvenir team.

Alina Eliseiva

All tours were really coherent and comprehensive. Next time we’ll definitely ask Russian Souvenir again to help us. Thank you guys!

Rebecca Smith

I never thought that such ordinary tours to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg could be such an adventure. Thanks to my business partners who suggested me Russian Souvenir.

Andrey Sergeev

Managers of Russian Souvenir created masterpiece tour for our colleagues from China. They were in love with this beautiful country. Cheers!

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